Happy Anniversary ... to us!

Thursday 29 Apr 2021

On Monday we had the pleasure of a visit from Scott Carter, our First National district manager, with an unexpected gift.  It was to congratulate First National Coffs Coast on their 10th anniversary of joining the First National network.  How time flies …

A decade ago it was a big decision to ‘change hats’, after our business had carried a different branding flag for the 30 years prior, and what a positive decision this was.  We are very lucky to be part of such a forward-thinking and trusted brand, and there is always a very helpful and efficient member of the First National head office behind the scenes, ready to offer advice and support if needed.

With over 300 offices in the First National network, including Vanuatu and New Zealand, we feel very privileged to be part of the co-operative, and look forward to more decades to come!